Fidelis Morte

So it begins..

A war is brewing in the streets of New Orleans and the Sabbat are ready. With extra packs in the area the Cam is sure to re-focus on New Orleans and allow the Sabbat fangs to become permanently ingrained in Atlanta. Alan got his books from the righteous sword and it only cost us some blood and a major boon. Vito Giovanni says he will keep his dogs off of us if we bring him the bowl, which papa Moses has, and it could be a problem but Stacey is sure we can trade a could tremre for the bowl. There is a creepy red supernatural star that has us a little worried, we checked it out but we weren’t the first. If only we still had Lawrence, he was a convenient pet. However, The best part of the night though was when we got to terrorized those two Cam Tremre boys, Tee Hee!!
Beverly Marsh


jyouhas CarrieJolene

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