Fidelis Morte

Let the Games Begin

We’ve re-announced our presence to the Sabat. A hunt of the Camarilla Prince in true Sabat fashion. Our pack was the closest, but I never expected anyone to catch him. Mind-wiped S.W.A.T. members, the guy must really be loaded. Still, we have an untraceable SUV fully loaded from the fiasco. The Mask of Autumn and Anvil seem to be pulling us into the fold, and then this Giovanni, Vincent, shows up. But grudges run long and deep among our kind, and I feel certain that nothing is what it seems. If the idea is to keep the focus on in-fighting and politics, we are certainly suited for the task. Our pack is strong together, best we stay that way.

Staci Lowt
Ductus Fidelis Morte


OOC: I meant Vito Giovanni

Let the Games Begin
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